Some songs have all the luck.


TOVE LO KEEP IT SIMPLE (Album track, Universal Music)

It’s that lonely, broken keyboard and above that Tove Lo’s voice; seductive, smokey and bare. It’s the build up that manages to keep it subtle while keeping me in suspense. Her narrative is crystal clear and unapologetic.

Lie awake and read your sext, I can’t sleep

It’s that underwhelming chaos of feelings portrayed with sober restraint, yet with that well known crassness of Tove Lo. It’s all about giving in to physical relief, to avoid dealing the broken heart, because it might actually help the healing process.

I go to bed with you and dream about him

Finally, that hypnotic dance beat that keeps throbbing, longing and wanting as if there’s no tomorrow, yet everything is done with elegance, that my heart melts. Alongside the vocal arrangements that surrounds you like a warm coat, the upfront narrative and Tove Lo’s twist in her sobriety, this is quite the excellent pop song.

Physical to trick your heart, you are moving on

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