In short, this is stunning.


SIA THE GREATEST (Directed by Sia & Daniel Askill)

In a time where music videos rarely goes beyond simple promotion, Sia took the whole experience to a completely new level with the masterful Chandelier. With the dancing sensation Maddie Ziegler, at the time only 11 years old, the Ryan Heffington choreographed and Sia & Daniel Askill directed video was technically brilliant and visually stunning, but first and foremost the raw and unfiltered emotions portraited by Ziegler was breathtaking and surpringsly dark. And of course, all this wouldn’t have been possible without the exceptional song and vocals by Sia.

That was two years ago and the team continued to work together on more videos, with various results. Which leads us to today, as Sia once again is reunited with Ziegler, Heffington and Askill in the new release, The Greatest, which is a tribute the victims of the Pulse shooting. Something that could’ve easily turned into a sentimental, tear-jerking and vulgar piece of obscenity, is instead a gorgeous and painful body of work. The fact that the track is an upbeat, inspiring, subtley calypso-inspired track, with the sense of freedom and winning over adversity, gives the whole experience a darker nuance. As the video is focusing on the raw, unstrained talent of Maddie Ziegler, she now has a troop of 48 young dancers backing her up and it is altogether heart-wrenching, gutting and absolutely beautiful.

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