Sometimes you just have to emphasize the greatness that is right there in front of you.



There is so much to love here.

Augustine. The sound of the streets of New York. The people who walk them. The friendly saxophone that visits now and then. Nelly Furtado.

Best To You.

Deborah Harry’s cameo-like guest appearance on E.V.P. The softness. Ashlee Haze’s poetry slam in By Ourselves. The way you dance and the swag you get, just by listening to Freetown Sound.

Dev Hynes’ gentle genius.

The fact that this easily could’ve been my coming-of-age-soundtrack if it would’ve been released in 1983. And 1983 has never sounded more like 2016. Hadron Collider. The percussion on Juicy 1-4.

You chose to fade away with him, I chose to try and let you in“.

How Mr. Hynes somberly and soberly portraits the harshness of everyday life and quietly punches you right in the gut. That feeling.

Hands Up.

The melodies. The Paris Is Burning sample on Desirée. The “You were special in your own way” in But You. But You. Empress Of. How sexy Dev Hynes’ music is and how subtle and tender he is about it.

The humble greatness of Freetown Sound.

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