About beauty in music; or as I call it – Laura Mvula.



Her debut Sing To The Moon was nothing short of a sensation and and I fell in love, hard. An album, that if you were lazy you could’ve casually labeled it soul, but the musical landscape of Laura Mvula is so colourful, so rich and so much, much more. And utterly her own. The integrity and width of her craft was so profound and joyful, that I felt priviliged just to be a listener. Now her sophomore album, The Dreaming Room, takes off where STTM left us about three years ago and the bliss of it continues.

The greatness started in January already, with the magnificent first single, Overcome, which still stands out as the best song of the year, with its gospel vibe, Nile Rodgers funk guitar hook and uplifting spirits. There already you can hear and feel the many layers and nuances that Ms. Mvula puts in her music. That is how she continues throughout the 36 minute long album (which seems longer, though) by incorporating dynamic orchestral arrangements, swift changes of chords and beats, full bodied vocals and one can only be in awe of the wonder that is Laura Mvula.

As much as you can find musical siblings to Mvula, her intricate and powerful landscape is if anything, like no one else’s. As much as it is pop, it is also very much like a soundtrack for a movie and as much as soul music is a strong influence, so is classical music. Her diversity is unique and intoxicating. Listening to Mvula, reminisces me of when I first discovered another musical marvel, Kate Bush, and the intricacy and richness that is integrated in every chord, beat, word and note. If there would be one track to show this off, it is the centre piece of the album, Show Me Love. A deeply personal song about the aftershock of an ended marriage, where she pours out her heart and soul, and it is B.R.E.A.T.H.T.A.K.I.N.G.

With The Dreaming Room Mvula defines her extraordinary musicality and artistry, and I can only say – Thank you, Laura.

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