In preparation for the new album Take Her Up To Monto released next month, here’s a look back at her 2007 classic album.



Her timing was impeccable. Just as some of her fellow pop goddesses went from disco to dreary, Ms. Murphy did quite the opposite and up’d her anty with this, her second solo album. What made this such an exceptional record was the fact that she combined not only fantastic pop songs with a refreshing and contemporary production, she also managed to infiltrate her quirkiness and indivuality throughout the whole album.

Whereas her solo debut Ruby Blue was merely a fair and inventive attempt, Overpowered pulled out all the stops on to the dance floor and knocked me out under the mirror ball. As much as it is strong, straight forward pop music, nothing is quite that easy and simple in the spectacular musical mind of Ms. Murphy. While dancing and singing her heart out, she still managed to refresh the worn out genre. Which she then yet again refined with last year’s brilliant Hairless Toys.

Overpowered stepped into my life at a point where I’d just left an 8-year long relationship, so it came to be very much about emancipation and dancing my way towards something new, different and empowering. Which is exactly what this album was, and still is. With masterfully executed songs like Overpowered, Tell Everybody, You Know Me Better, Dear Miami and the perfect dance pop song, the icing on the cake; Let Me Know, all I could do was heal.

And dance.

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