Christopher Gallant is talented beyond his years and delivers an exquisite debut album that’ll sweep you away.


GALLANT OLOGY (Mind Of A Genius)

I’ve been listening to Ology for almost three weeks now and it has steadily escalated into a hot, sensual and smart powder keg, as it has lives and lusts beyond what generally meets the R&B eye. Adding to that, the layers of influences that color this distinctly beautiful debut is thankfully just a flavour and there’s nothing greater than giving homage to your idols by moving forward and creating your own musical world. Gallant’s Ology steps off from the 80’s and 90’s silky and melodic R&B, but in no way does he stay there or get stuck, rather, as he effortlessly brings his exquisite soul compositions and striking falsetto into the 10’s.

When growing up in the countryside of Sweden in the 80’s and 90’s, an era before the internet, good R&B and soul definitely was a hard currency. Very much thanks to radio shows with passionate producers and presenters, that presented music beyond what hit the charts, I was able to discover and fall in love with the likes of Loose Ends, Johnny Gill, Tony! Toni! Toné! and TLC, just to to name a few. But one artist in particular made a lasting impression, whose music also have influenced several artists in the R&B genre for years on end; Prince.

Bizarrely enough Ology almost took on a second life for me when the sad news of Prince Roger Nelson’s way too early passing hit us a couple of days ago. Suddenly the influences that merely were hinted, hit me like a subtle cannonball. There he was, the Purple Greatness, lurking in the corners of this amazing debut album, on songs like Episode and Jupiter. What a beautiful way to make his legacy make waves; through new gorgeous music.

But yes, it is very much Gallant’s album, in its own right. Not only does he tap on subjects that rarely are sung about on sultry, smooth soul gems, but also the warmth, elegance and intelligence is striking throughout all tracks of the album, from the magnificent opening Talking To Myself all the way to the finale, the sensitive Chandra. There inbetween a grand parade of outstanding songs like Bourbon, Skipping Stones and Percogesic. Songs that make me reminisce of the time when I discovered R&B for the very first time.

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