Straight from gorgeous Amason-fame rises this even more beautiful solo album.



Ask my friends and they’ll tell you I’m known for my occasional melancholy mood. Whether it’s due to my Finnish blood or Swedish heart I’ll leave unsaid, but I’ve had a tendency to passionately and willingly indulge in somewhat moody music throughout the years, I still do. I find comfort in reflection and nostalgia, but most of all, in looking forward, since you can’t have one without the other. Without knowing what brought you to the place you’re in today, there’s no way of moving forward.

Amanda Bergman’s first album in her own name, fits perfectly into that category of sublime moodiness. While at first all the songs sound pretty much the same and nothing really stings or sticks out, the album does have several lives and is one of those slow, long burners. The one thing that did stick out from get go and kept me lingering on, was her voice. Its warmth and gentle harshness is intoxicating, and it is her voice that keeps me listening to Docks time and time again. That is also the reason to why I with every listen, I discover something new to love.

Every track on the album is gently laid out, seamlessly aligned with each other and with subtle layers and nuances. Not so often, so subtle you might miss them. This isn’t an album of grand gestures, nor is there any flair for dramatics, it’s more about keeping your cool, while the drama is happening all around you. You observe, soak it in, investigate its possibilities and downsides, assess it and then take action. With melancholic firmness.

Ms. Bergman’s take on her songs is very sober and objective, as if she’s singing about someone elses stories and heartbreak. That is also part of why these songs are so enthralling, sentimentality would’ve never have worked here. Her way of distancing herself from it is more heart-wrenching, than clinging on to the pain. She provides us with ten out-of-worldly beautiful songs, with magnificent highlights such as Falcons, Sirens and Flickering Lights, and that makes Docks the standout album of the year, so far.

And in case you wonder, even if less so, yes, the Scandinavian melancholy fits perfectly in New York.

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  1. Laurent says:

    Nice review. Well done😉

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