Whether it be a re-release or a new release, who cares, it is bloody brilliant.



For the larger part of the world Jacob Anderson is known as Grey Worm in Game Of Thrones, but what most do not know is that he is also a gifted and aspiring R&B-musician and parallelly to his acting career he has been dropping music over the last three years. It was only on this side of the New Year’s I discovered him under his artist alias Raleigh Ritchie and his distincly British R&B is truly a delight.

With an empowering drive and smooth, gentle vocals he conveys a positive vibe throughout his music, which is rather refreshing. The beautiful string filled and pop-ish production gives Never Better an airy and uplifting feeling, strongly underlined by his personal lyrics. You know that feeling when you’ve been carrying that extra weight, that cloud above your head and when the air clears up. That feeling is exactly what he conveys. It is simply brilliant.

And listening to his proceeded, equally gorgeous singles, such as Keep It Simple, Bloodsport ’15 and You’re A Man Now, Boy one can only hope that his debut album, also titled You’re A Man Now, Boy which is set for release this week, will keep that nuanced, yet positive vibe.


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