Can’t remember the last time the actual song were so in line with the song’s title.


RÓISIN MURPHY UNPUTDOWNABLE (Album track from Hairless Toys, (Play It Again Sam))

The whole subtle story that is Hairless Toys is nothing but magnificent and will most likely be among the top contestants when I start compiling this year’s best albums. The last track of the album, Unputdownable, has become the stand out song for me and for months it has kept lingering on, enthralling me, keeping me curious regardless of how many times I’ve kept listening to it. It’s become like an obsession of mine.

Totally in line with the subtlety of the rest of the album, Unputdownable, only hints of disco, almost as if it’s keeping me at bay from an inferno bound to happen. The brilliance of the song is that the inferno, the crescendo, never really happens. It generously and in ways predictably starts a elegant build up with arrangements so exquisite, heavenly even, melted perfectly together with the husky, jazzy vocals of Ms Murphy. So that moment when we’re let to expect that we can raise the roof, in comes instead a gentle and warm acoustic guitar to bring us to the second chorus. From there – gospel influenced vocals, horns, electric hand claps. Yet all, with such precision and passion, that I surrender every time in a puddle of admiration. Pure genius!. This is how pop music should be done. Expect the unexpected.

Adding to that there Róisin Murphy’s quirkiness of singing about reading a book that she can’t put down, wherefore the title, which easily could be translated to trying to read a captivating partner, but nevertheless the Queen of Avantgarde Disco gives the less than rhythmical title, all the swag she can muster. This is everything and nothing I could and would expect of pop music these days, the specific blend of jazz, disco and house that she has mixed up is beyond beauty. Unputdownable is just that, unputdownable.

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