This year’s first whole-hearted R&B album has landed and it’s magnificent.



A couple of years ago when R&B got its groove back, the ultratalented Miguel was one of the front runners of this movement alongside the likes of two other personal darlings Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. And now in 2015, by the looks of it, all three of these talented gentlemen will be providing us with new albums, with their take on modern R&B. The Weeknd’s sophomore album Beauty Behind The Madness will see the daylight in the end of August, whereas my personal favourite Frankie Boy earlier this year announced via his Tumblr page, that a new album, Boys Don’t Cry, would be released July 20th, although no new album has shown up yet. The wonderful thing about these three artists is that they couldn’t be further apart from each other that they are, musically, wherefore there’s always room for all of them.

Miguel’s third album Wildheart takes off where Kaleidoscope Dream left us back in 2012, but with a no-holds-barred attitude, he adds more layers, more politics, more swag, soul and sex, more new life and spirit to the once so tired and worn out, but nowadays a vibrant and colourful genre, that is R&B. Not being a fan of guitar heavy productions, I was slightly hesitant listening to Wildheart at first, but the way Miguel integrates classic soul and R&B, with funk-rock aspects is so effortless and gorgeous. No soul without funk, no heart without flesh. The one doesn’t work without the other, it’s all combined together. And what Kaleidoscope Dream whole-heartedly did, and what Wildheart exceeds in, is that it enthralls and seduces me with its passion and poise. Miguel definitely has brought sexy back to R&B.

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