Some songs are like subtle sparks that never burst out into a flame. It’s never their intention, they are just there with that silently glowing warmth and elegance.


AMASON KELLY (Amason/Ingrid)

Kelly, released in January and taken from the album Sky City, is exactly that and this crispy clear slow-burner finally caught up on me. All five members, Amanda Bergman, Pontus Winnberg, Petter Winnberg, Gustav Ejstes and Nils Törnqvist are also members of other bands and they formed Amason back in 2012. Singer Amanda Bergman is also known as Jaw Lessons and has also recorded a version of the Swedish classic Vintersaga, while Pontus Winnberg is both a member of Miike Snow and also a part of Bloodshy & Avant, the producer duo that has provided Britney Spears the best songs of her career; Toxic, Unusual you and Piece of me.

The indie character of Kelly is very present, but you can feel and sense the strong influences of both 70’s melodic rock and 80’s pop. Those harmonic vocals, perfectly and gently intertwined together puts a soothed flavour to this tender and airy production, with that enthralling loop (is it a bouzouki?) and to top it all off, a gorgeous saxophone solo, to add on to that sensitive 80’s vibe. Nothing short of an exquisite piece of music and worthy of the whole world’s attention.

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