Oh, my, he’s done it again. His songs are pure beauty and soon there’s a whole album for us to enjoy.



There’s a slight risk that I might be disappointed when his debut album Love + War is released in May, but I’m keeping my faith. My qualm has to do with the fact that Kwabs has with every release during last year provided us with what must be as close to musical perfection as anyone can provide. I mean, the EP’s Wrong Or Right and Pray For Love, plus the single Walk, was a divine set of songs, which alone easily could’ve been an almost perfect album. But then again, my faith is stronger than my concerns.

That has to do with songs like this. Those sensitive touches and warm chords on the piano and his out-of-worldly-gorgeous vocals. guide us with a firm, yet gentle hand through the ruminative lyrics of Perfect ruin. There’s this slow and seductive build-up, which never towers over, Kwabs’ musical world is subtle and crispy clear, always beautifully balanced,  If he keeps this up, who knows how good the debut album will be. I’m keeping my faith. Add to this a beautiful video, shot in Luleå, Sweden. All and all, perfection.

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