2015 is taking off with a superb start, with an angelic recording by my household darling, Mr. Ocean.



Aaliyah would’ve turned 36 yesterday and as a hommage, Frank Ocean, on his Tumblr site, released a cover of her cover of The Isley Brothers At your best (You are love). She recorded it for her sensational debut album Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number, back in 1994. And then yesterday, without any notice, the ever so magnificant Frank Ocean, surprised his audience, with this superb cover.

Just earlier this week I praised his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, as one of the most personally significant albums ever and his debut album, Channel Orange, definitely lived up to its expectations, and then some (to be more precis, Best album of 2012). So you better believe I’ve been waiting for a follow-up and even though he hasn’t made any announcements of a sophomore album, this surprise release, definitely raises the expectations.

And this angelic, airy version of this intimate song, is nothing short of heavenly. Those light, breezy chords on the piano are so gentle and tender, that them alone are almost heartbreaking. But then adding to that, the smooth, soft and ever so sensitive vocals of Mr. Frank Ocean. OH. MY. GOD. THE. BEAUTY. Frank Ocean, for me, is becoming more and more the eqvialent of beauty, due to his amazing body of work. So now, I’ll just continue embracing this slice of heaven given to us, until he provides us with more magnetic recordings.

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