Let’s welcome the new year, with a track released just before 2015 set in, so this basically is a track for the month of January.


TRACEY THORN – UNDER THE IVY (Strange Feeling/ Buzzin’ Fly Records)

As many others with her, the ever so lovely Tracy Thorn was over the moon after seeing Kate Bush return to the stage this fall in her Before The Dawn show, after an unlikely absence of 35 years. Ms Thorn was excited to the extent, that she now has recorded a Kate Bush song. And the honors goes to Under the ivy, the b-side for the classic single Running up that hill. This recording came about as TT being a guest editor for BBC Radio 4 and wanted to pay tribute to Ms. Kate Bush.

Even though this cover is somewhat similar and close to the original, the bedsit disco queen definitely holds her own and make this exquisite Kate Bush song to an equally exquisite Tracey Thorn song.  With her partner Ben Watt on piano and string arrangements by conductor Nick, she adds her prosaic warmth and dignity, which adds new levels, nuances and strength to the 30-year old song. Her wonderful consistency definitely makes it feel so easy to make brilliant pop music.

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