Seriously, can she hold this up for a whole full-length album?


SIA BIG GIRLS CRY (Monkey Puzzle Records, RCA) @@@@

This Australian singer-songwriter has already blessed us with two utterly beautiful pieces of music this year, the magnificent Chandelier  and the lovely Eye of the needle and it continues to look as if she’s finally kept all those brilliant pop songs for herself, instead of giving them away to Rihannas and Kylies of the world. Knowing she can and do provide them with vocals more radiant and powerful than most of fellow songstress, it seems only fair that she takes the spotlight for once. And by the performances she’s provided to Chandelier so far, she’s shown a true sense of mystique (standing with her back to the audience or head down into a pillow), quirky comedy (Lena Dunham in the dance-o-mania-version) versus magical weirdness (together with the NYC Gay Chorus) and true beautiful artistry (the video featuring dancer Maddie Ziegler, see the live version below), but when it all comes to it, it’s all about the songs. Heartfelt and honest pop music, with a tinge of bombastic drama to keep me on my edge. As in this new piece called Big girls cry, which is utter beauty. And if she keeps this motion going, her sixth album 1000 Forms Of Fear might be one outstanding body of work. It’s released July 8th.

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