And here we are again, yet another summer with excellent dance on prime time television.



On its eleventh season this could easily be a show gasping for its last breath, but somehow it still enthralls, still captivates and I’m happy as long as it’s still on air and provides us with this lovable TV-concept and on more than one occasion, lovely performances. And we’re still just on the audition rounds. This season executive producer Nigel Lythgoe announced that they’re going back to the original concept of one winner only, after two years of having two winners, one female and one male, and looking back on the first eight seasons where one winner has been crowned, it’s been equal, with 4 girls and 4 guys taking home the “Americas favourite dancer”-title. Amongst these the standout is, with out a doubt, Melanie Moore from season 8 and she’s still my all-time-favourite. Other favorites still firmly attached to my memory card are season 4’s Katee Shean (3rd place), season 5’s Brandon Bryant (runner up) and season 3-winner Sabra Johnson.

So how about season 11? Well, so far there has been three performances that’ve totally blown me away and kept me on the edge of my seat. And writing this I haven’t got a clue, if they’ve made it to the top 20, but am surely keeping my toes pointed and fingers crossed. First and foremost, there is Justine Lutz, who gave an outstanding contemporary performance, where she showed us how dance looks like when it’s sprung from somewhere genuine and authentic. Pure soul and magic for a minute and a half, and hopefully this talented lady will grace us with her presence in the top 20.

Then there was Jessica Richens, whose excellent jazz solo, showed extraordinary musicality and sensibility, in a number that easily could’ve turned out to be rather vulgar, but instead she was sensual and elegant. Most likely in the top 20.

Out of the guys auditioning it was hiphoper and tapper Eric “Silky” Moore, that stood out. Not just with his sparkling personality, but also with his excpetional musicality and performance. Let’s just hope that he can do other styles as well as his own.

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