Unexpectedly and somewhat reluctantly I like this new album with Elizabeth Grant.


LANA DEL RAY ULTRAVIOLENCE (Polydor/Universal) @@@

I’m still rather ambivalent about Lana Del Ray. Her Lolita-ish stage presence accompanied by dubious lyrics on battery, sex and girlish dreams of beauty and money, gives me chills and somewhat a sour aftertaste. No, I didn’t catch on on the hype of the highly overrated debut album Born To Die. But as a firm beliver of second chances, I thought I might give Ultraviolence a listen or two and well, I definitely wasn’t expecting to like it. Yes, she still balances between empowered and fragile, to the extent that on occasion it’s hard to tell whether she’s been ironic or not. And maybe that is what makes this quite enchanting. That ambivalence of not knowing whether to stay or to leave, to fight or to give up. Because we don’t always know what is best for us. Then it’s also the musically darker landscape with that bruised pop and distorted blues feeling, that gives Ultraviolence its more attractive flare, even though I’m far from overwhelmed with parts of the lyrical context.

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