Welcome back! After a well needed hiatus from the blog sphere for a couple of months, I’m now taking action to get this little blog of mine back on track. And as the summer months are upon us, I’ll be starting with a little re-cap of what’s been cooking on my virtual record player this spring.


What’s almost been literally cooking is dear old Kelis, who once again somehow re-invented herself, this time with excpetional splendor. With the release of her 6th album, Food, she musically took a long look back, but in reality took several steps forward. Smooth, rhytmical and live oriented was her take on musical cooking. The brilliance of it is that Food is a slow burner, takes its time and serves us a long, hearty and soulful meal. Spiced up with that sensual, husky and uncanny voice of Kelis. So far the most fulfilled album of 2014, which means that Food (Ninja Tune) will be served with a well earned @@@@.


What seems to be a straight line towards utter perfection, or so it seems, by listening to his second EP, Pray For Love (Warner Music). British-son Kwabs, shows what the future of R&B and soul should sound like. The 4-track EP, doesn’t imply any signs of weakness, it’s just pure, heart-felt magic. Pray for love, Into you, Something right and Brother, I will not leave a single track un-mentioned. Just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t run out of fuel by the time a whole album will be released. But oh my, how beautiful this is. @@@@@ is the only way to go.


Another Brit showing us that if there was any doubt in Brit soul, throw those doubts in to the wind. May I introduce MNEK and his Every little word, a lovely hommage to 90’s soul scene, where he’s definitely added new flavour to it. This is truly a promising youth in music, can’t wait to hear more of what he’s got to provide.


Well it’s not just been R&B and soul this spring, some exceptional pop music has been flourishing too. For example pop princess Kylie flexed her muscles on her latest release Kiss Me Once (Parlophone), where the Pharrell-penned (the best he’s written for ages) I was gonna cancel showed us that she still got what it takes. And just recovering from the enjoyable spectacle that is Eurovision Song Contest, none of this year’s songs sticked long enough to remember, but Swedish chanteuse Sanna Nielsen (ending up at 3rd place with Undo), released Undo EP this spring, where one track stands out and lives on as the powder keg it is. Rainbow, with its Rihanna/Celine Dion-esque composition shows Nielsen in a completely different and very suitable light. Let’s hope it’s not a one time thing. Then there’s the song, with its simplicity and almost naive production, coloured by sacral vocals, that tamper with my heart – Bright Light Bright Light in duet with Sir Elton John and that powerful statement of unrequited love, I wish we were leaving.



Though it is two tracks that gives the spring of 2014 its expectional pop colour. It’s Australian songstress-and-songwriter-for-all-the-stars, Sia and Finnish-now-Swedish-based Suvi, that made pop music a bit more interesting. Sia’s Chandelier is pure emotion and strength combined in a performance that only other popstress can dream of. Add on to that, an extraordinary video, which you don’t see much of these days. Then we have Suvi, who last year already proved with Bleeding for your love, that we have something to look forward to, but I did not expect this lovely little pearl of pop that is Find you. Those horns and strings, those percussions, that beat, those haunting vocals and that song. Shere brilliance!

So once again, welcome back! Let’s hope it’s a long runner!

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