SOUL VALPIO BAND LAPSETTAA (Single, Monsp Records Oy) @@@@

Oh, these Finns, they never seize to amaze! I’ve hardly had time to calm down of  the excitment over Tuomo’s brilliant album The New Mystique (and I sure have no intentions either), before his countryman and equally soulful Ossi Valpio, aka Soul Valpio, releases this new track Lapsettaa (approx. Childishly). It’s now been two years since the release of the album Metsän Keskellä (In the middle of the forest) and the mindblowingly brilliant song Lintuparvi (A flock of birds), which still stands out as one of the best tracks in recent years, all categories. So what does this talented man have in stores for us? Lapsettaa takes lyrically on a quest for a more childish path in life, since the society’s demands require that you act like an adult and now, where’s the fun in that? Valpio’s hip hop background gives his jazz soul adventures an enchanting, rhythmical layer, both in vocals and arrangements. And then adding those jazzy, warm vocals of Heini Ikonen only adds a heightened experience. So whoever was it that said that Finnish was ugly?

Enter Soul Valpio Band.

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