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KWABS WRONG OR RIGHT (Song, Soundcloud) @@@@

This is the start of something grand. And by that I’m referring to Kwabs and not the fact the blog is changing language from Swedish to English.

Last year he released two, nothing-short-of-brilliance, songs, Spirit fade and Last stand, which kept me eagerly waiting for more. Where the majestic Last stand, luckily released as an official single by the end of last year and featured on yours truly Speedo Top 20, was hitting close range to the world of personal favorite James Blake, this new song Wrong or right takes a slightly different turn with a strong, playful poptune as a backdrop to its electronical landscape. Still with Kwabs dark and luscious vocals as the headturner.

Wrong Or Right EP is out on February 3rd.

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2 thoughts on “MUSIC: KWABS – WRONG OR RIGHT

  1. Congratz with the language change!
    I think this will make your blog even better. And you’ll reach a whole new audience! Look forward to following you in 2014!

    Gratulerer så mye speedo, et godt valg🙂

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